UV Templates

Since UV Templates are necessary for creating textures, here are the UV templates for many of my projects. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier and encourage others to make new textures.

UV Templates

Toon Wolf UV Templates UV Templates for the toon wolf sold at RuntimeDNA
Piper_templates UV Templates for Piper the Plushie Pig
HeffTemplate UV Templates for Heff the Plushie Elephant
Lil Bit UV Template UV Templates for Cook and Chip’s baby — Little Bit.
Chip UV Templates Chip’s UV templates are separated into one texture for his entire body and head and one for his eyes.
Chiptaur UV Templates The human half of Chiptaur uses the Chip UV Templates. The horse half uses these.
Hummus-Templates The human half of Hummus still uses the Chip UV templates. However, the lower goat portion uses these UV templates.
Pickles UV Templates Although Pickles uses a similar UV template to Chip, they are not quite the same — especially for the head. Use these templates to create a texture for Pickles.
Pickles Expansion UVs These templates are for Pickles’ Expansion set. This set covers several ears and tails.
Peaches Expansion UVs Although this is a Cookie product, Peaches’ Expansion set works fine with Pickles. So I’ve included the UV templates for her expansion set here as well.
Nashoba-Templates Separate UV Templates for each of the clothing items in the Nashoba clothing pack for Chip
Mac-Templates UV templates for Staci’s male counterpart, Mac.
HikeBoots-Templates UV Templates for Cookie and Chip’s Hiking boots. These are the same templates for the K-Gang boots.


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